Crazy Truck: Fire Truck [Assorted]


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Let’s face it. Toddlers and preschoolers love anything that moves.

So, you can be sure they’ll be thrilled with these Thin Air Toys Crazy Trucks.

Contains ONE randomly selected 4" x 3.5" x 3.5" Trucks for Kids from the following styles:

— > Ladder Truck
— > Water Tanker
— > Crane Truck

They’re so much fun you’ll want to collect them all.

Just Push and Go – No Batteries Needed

The secret’s the internal friction-powered gear mechanism. Simply push the truck...and there it goes, traveling much farther than you’d ever think possible. It even rolls over rough surfaces, from carpeting to grass & gravel.

Plus, it will pull some amazing stunts such as:

— > Rocking up & down & back & forth
— > Spinning & rotating 360º – even when it’s upside down

Your tots will be tickled pink. Plus, as they play, they’ll gain gross & fine motor skills & learn hand-eye coordination.

Built Stronger & Safer

These Pull Back Cars come in ABS molded plastic, known for its crack-resistant strength. All are loaded with durable details such as shock-proof springs & high-traction tires. Plus, all meet or exceed the strict safety standards set by the US & Canadian governments.