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Coral Reef

Hours of fishing fun, inside or outside, in the bath or on dry land. Teach children to recognize colors by getting them to fish for a certain color.

You can use a waterproof pen to write points on the bottom of the ducks to complete the game. Set of 6 fun fair ducks and 2 fishing rods.

These highly popular fun fair ducks are now available in hip and soft coral hues. The modern, trendy packaging makes this set an ideal gift.

  • Available in 2 color ranges
  • The ducks are completely sealed, preventing mold from building up inside them
  • Built-in counterweight, so ducks stay upright when in water

Coral Reef Colors: 1 Red (coral), 1 Yellow (sand), 1 Light blue (azure), 1 Dark blue (ocean), 1 Green (mermaid), 1 Purple (seahorse), 2 Fishing Rods

Rainbow Colors: 1 Yellow (star), 1 Orange (sunset), 1 Blue (sky), 1 Green (forest), 1 Pink (fairy), 1 Red (fire), 2 Fishing Rods