Hover Bowling Indoor Game


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    • Unique spin on classic bowling fun
    • Complete game set includes 10 weighted plastic pins, 2 bowling rocks, flexible 78½"L x 30"W polyester game mat, and a portable box with handles for easy storage and transporting
    • Battery-operated 7½" diam. air-propelled bowling rocks hover towards pins!
    • Great indoor fun for family game night!
    • Skill-building play: improve hand-eye coordination and encourage good sportsmanship
    • Vacuum the mat or sweep clean before rolling to store in its box
    • Each bowling rock requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
    • Ages 3 and up.

    Bring the bowling lanes to the playroom and bowl on air! Hover Bowling is a unique twist on this classic sport that families love. Whether you're aiming for a spare, a strike, or a turkey—Hover Bowling is a game that all ages can enjoy together. Give it a try on your next Family Game Night!

    Hover Bowling includes 10 weighted plastic bowling pins and 2 air-propelled, battery-operated black bowling rocks ready to be played indoors on the 78½"L flexible polyester play mat. This completely unique game comes with detailed directions for play, and may be stored and transported in its portable, reusable box with handle. Vacuum the mat or sweep clean with a dry brush before storing.

    With the exception of installing batteries, no assembly is required. Each bowling rock (7½"diam.) requires 4 AA batteries, not included.

    **Oversized - increased shipping