Real FX Disney Stitch Puppet 18"


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When combining all these functions; He speaks in his alien voice of Tantalog, blinking and squinting eyes, moving mouth, turning head, floppy ears and even nose, head and tongue touch sensors! 15 core functions and sounds but combine them in multiple different orders with Stitch's unique vocal sounds & language to create 100 realistic interactions! DUAL PLAY!

Real FX Stitch combines animatronics with puppetry to create Puppetronics. The result is a super soft and cuddly character with electronically assisted hand-controlled actions! DISPLAY! Comes complete with beautiful 'alien capsule' inspired window display case and 1st Edition certificate confirming you are a first owner of Disney's first drop of Real FX Stitch! FULL SIZE & UTTERLEY ADORABLE! At nearly a foot and a half tall, Stitch is very much as you would imagine him in real life! The perfect size for hugs, cuddles, and imaginative play, making him a cherished friend.

Limited edition Stitch.


  • Real FX Disney Stitch First Edition
  • 100 + Sound and action combonations
  • Looks, Feels and Sounds Realistic!
  • 18 Inches Tall
  • Officially Disney Licensed
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries; not included
  • Ages 6 years to adult