ICEE Machine


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This iconic ICEE machine has been specially designed to not only look like the real thing but work in the same way.

How does it work?
This replica machine uses the same method as the large machines, the metal canister is filled with ice and salt. Don’t worry you don’t drink the salt! It’s there to keep the ice frozen as long as possible so the canister stays super cold. Your syrup mix is added to a separate container that surrounds the metal canister. Watch as the machine does its magic and see your SLUSHIE start to form.

Check out the step-by-step video guide to making the perfect SLUSHIE!

  • Great for parties and gatherings
  • Authentic design replicating the classic ICEE look
  • Slide-out tray for filling your drink
  • Mains operated fitted with US 2-pin plug
  • Makes up to 34 fl oz of Slushie

*Syrup sold separately