Boom Box Bluetooth Speaker: Blue Bling


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With bluetooth capabilities, LED Light up dancing speakers, and unbelievable sound quality, you'll rock the party all night long! 

This boombox also includes a phone holder, so you can watch TV or Movies in surround sound!

This boombox includes Bluetooth, FM radio, LED light up, dancing speakers, stereo sound, aux input, SD and USB input, remote control, and rechargeable battery and charging cable.

The Blue Bling boombox boasts powerful stereo sound features, a carrying handle, retractable antenna, and full volume control. It’s convenient to carry around and use.

Perfect for parties, this item is a perfect way to entertain friends and family. 

QUALITY DESIGN: Trend Tech Brands presents Audio that is made for performance and fun! Using the latest that technology has to offer, continually creating unique items.

Product Specs:
• Bluetooth
• FM Radio
• LED Light up Dancing Speakers
• Stereo Sound
• Aux Input
• SD/USB Input
• Remote Control
• Rechargeable battery & Charger Cable included