Clovis Crawfish & Fedora Field Mouse


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Friendship is the underlying subject as the beauty and dangers of bayou life are depicted in this, the very first volume in the landmark Clovis Crawfish series.

Since he first appeared in 1962, Clovis Crawfish has taught children in Louisiana and across the country important concepts such as friendship, teamwork, and problem solving.

Through the adventures of Clovis and his friends, children also learn about the ecology of the bayou. Each story includes French words and phrases heard in everyday Cajun conversation.


Clovis Crawfish and his friends are found on the bayou once again in this tale of newfound friendship and love. Clovis saves Fedora Field Mouse from drowning and helps rid the bayou of a menacing character.

Clovis Crawfish must build a new mud house when his old one washes away with the rain. Before he can begin, Theodore Turtle informs Clovis that their new neighbor, Madame Rat Musque, has started to build her own house across the bayou. Theodore also warns Clovis that muskrats eat crawfish. However, before they can deal with Madame Rat Musque, Clovis spots the helpless Fedora Field Mouse floating down the bayou.

What will happen to Fedora? How will Clovis survive with Madame Rat Musque so close by? When will Clovis ever be able to rebuild his home?