Clovis Crawfish & Michelle Mantis


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Friendship is the underlying subject as the beauty and dangers of bayou life are depicted in this, the very first volume in the landmark Clovis Crawfish series.

Since he first appeared in 1962, Clovis Crawfish has taught children in Louisiana and across the country important concepts such as friendship, teamwork, and problem solving.

Through the adventures of Clovis and his friends, children also learn about the ecology of the bayou. Each story includes French words and phrases heard in everyday Cajun conversation.


In this escapade, Clovis and his fellow bayou creatures must deal with a strange and unwelcome visitor.

Michelle Mantis is a frightening-looking old insect, called "Cheval de Diable" (Devil's Horse) by the other critters. She has a ravenous appetite and even threatens some of Clovis's friends! The heroic crawfish dissuades her, however, and Michelle turns her attention to a colony of ants instead.

When Michelle accidentally tumbles into the mud, too full to move and unable to fly with muddy wings, she becomes trapped. Although the other bayou denizens are reluctant to help Michelle, Clovis convinces them that they cannot leave her stuck in the mud, no matter how much they are afraid of her. Freed by the efforts of Clovis and his friends, Michelle is grateful for their help and sorry for all the trouble she has caused.