Gator's Big Mouth


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Stumpy and his brothers Bumpy and Lumpy are born deep in the marsh in this bayou retelling of "The Three Little Pigs." However, this threesome's fearsome foe is not a wolf with large lung capacity but the big bad winds from the Gulf of Mexico. Stumpy knows that his brother's sawgrass nest won't withstand a stiff breeze, much less the storm approaching from the south. As a hurricane rushes in and makes fast work of their first home, Stumpy can't help but open his big mouth and tease his older brothers. " I told you so! " he shouts as the wind rips and roils around them, tearing them from one nest after another. The storm taunts them with clever rhyme, throws them out of home after home, surges, and purges. But it also teaches them about respecting the forces of nature. Stumpy, Bumpy, and Lumpy learn to stay inside and throw themselves a little hurricane party in true Gulf States fashion. With sassy Southern humor and silly illustrated fun, Stumpy and his brothers weather the storm. Now if only Stumpy could learn to keep his big mouth closed when the waters rise and the winds come howling.

  • Pages: 32
  • Language: English
  • Style: Hardcover