Magnetic Build-A-Spaceship


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Build-A-Spaceship will allow a child to create the plane of their dreams! This 12-piece set includes a fuselage with wheels, reversable wings, 2 tail sections, 2 cockpit / cabins, mini space shuttle, radar and 4 engines. Children will soar to new heights of creative play. Compatible with Build-A-Plane.

Spaceships You Can Make
Create your ultimate spaceships with this cool magnetic toy set. Several variations available to build to explore the vast universe.

Creative Play Includes chunky spaceship parts that allow you to mix and match. Choose different parts and build your own dream spaceship. Pieces are compatible with the Build-A-Plane set.

Fun and Easy to Build 
The magnetic locking system makes assembly a snap and our durable, safe pieces are designed to last through years of play and won’t crack to expose the magnets.

For Little Hands 
12 large pieces are safe for little ones and putting them together is great fun for children ages 2 years & older. Combine them like a 3D puzzle to make your favorite spaceship!

Learn through Play 
Popular Playthings provides educational, award-winning STEM toys that encourage learning, creativity, social interaction, and imaginative fun for boys and girls.

Mix or Match Vehicle Development Attributes
Fine Motor Development
Critical Thinking Skills
Visual Discrimination
Exploratory Play
Communication & Social Skills
Following Directions
Vocabulary & Language Development
Creative Play
Physical Science
Construction Play

*Note: Availability of styles may vary (orange or white set). Please indicate color preference in notes at checkout and we will attempt to accommodate your request. If your preference is not noted or available, one will be selected at random. If you'd like to confirm availability of a particular style, please call (985-214-9496) or email before ordering.