Warm Pals: Rudy the Reindeer


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MICROWAVABLE STUFFED ANIMAL: Warm Pals are irresistibly cute heated stuffed animals for comfort. Warm them up for 60-90 seconds, providing relaxation as baby toys, infant toys, & toddler companions.

COOLABLE: Warm Pals are coolable for hot moments. Just pop our soft plush in the freezer for an instant cooling pad.

CALMING LAVENDER SCENT: The adorable Warm Pals plushie stuffed animals provide calming French lavender scent. Relax with a gentle hug & soft snuggles.

GRAIN-FILLED WEIGHT: Warm Pals are made with our all-natural grain-filled material. Designed for a hug-like feeling, the grain-filled weight feature provides comforting pressure stimulation.