Stickiville: Deep Sea


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darling deep sea stickers

Little explorers will adore these holographic deep sea sticker sheets from the Stickiville collection. Adorn your notebook or bring some personality to your backpack and lunch box that’ll give an amazing shine and shimmer. There’s no limit to the whimsy these under the sea stickers can bring to accessories like school supplies, journals, and diaries!

The mystery of what’s deep down in the deep blue sea is solved! OOLY’s Stickiville collection reveals the curious creatures that call the ocean their home in these holographic sticker sheets! These under the sea stickers feature an octopus, a whale, a shark, and more. Get your journal, diary, notebooks, and lunch box ready for some serious sticker action! The Stickiville collection features a wide range of themes and finishes for hours of sticky fun! Welcome to Stickiville!

  • Stickiville Deep Sea stickers
  • Designs feature holographic stickers of an octopus, jellyfish, whale, narwhal, a shark, and more
  • Pack includes two sticker sheets of deep sea-themed stickers
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up