Who Got The Baby In The King Cake?


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Selected as one of 2018’s Best Gifts for New Orleans Book Lovers by Susan Larson for The Advocate!

Based on a song from Johnette Downing’s Swamp Romp, A Louisiana Dance Party for Children album, this rhythmic original story celebrates king cake, the culinary centerpiece of New Orleans Mardi Gras.  Believed to have originated in 12th Century France, the cake is an homage to the wise men or three kings. In Europe and beyond, a bean, pea, pecan, or coin is hidden inside the cake for good luck. In New Orleans, a plastic King Cake baby is hidden. Whoever finds the hidden object in their piece of King Cake is unofficially crowned king for a day and is expected to host the next King Cake party as a way of spreading good fortune and ensuring that the festivities continue throughout the Carnival season. At King Cake parties, usually hosted before Mardi Gras parades, you will hear locals ask, “Who got the baby in the King Cake?”  Find out here who got the baby in the king cake? It just might be YOU!