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The Wigloo is a infant toy designed to help them develop their motor skills. The Wigloo has a series of colorful rings and shapes that spin around three main poles. The infant can reach out and grab the rings, developing their hand-eye coordination. The Wigloo also helps to develop the infant's sense of cause and effect as they learn that their actions can make the rings move. In addition, the Wigloo is made from durable materials that are safe for infants to chew on. The Wigloo is an ideal toy for helping infants to develop their motor skills and learn about cause and effect.

Little fingers can’t resist Wigloo’s:

  • Silicone bubbles
  • Springy Cords
  • Spinning Rings
  • Multiple Sensory Textures

BPA + Phthalate Free

Food Grade Silicone

Ages: 6 months +