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  • PIXAR AUDIO COLLECTION: Includes 6 audio re-telling stories with some of Pixar’s best-loved films Toy Story, Brave, Up, Soul, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo.
  • GO ON A HEROIC JOURNEY: In the retelling of these three journey-based stories, Nemo bravely explores a new world, Merida travels the kingdom challenging age-old customs, and Joe Garnder discovers his soul in the streets of New York City.
  • HILARIOUS AND FUN FILLED ADVENTURE: Join the hilarious duos of Sulley and Mike Wazowski from Disney and Pixar’s Monsters, Inc, Carl Fredricksen and Russell from Disney and Pixar’s Up , and Buzz and Woody from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story in the retelling of their fun-filled stories. Each story captures the characters’ unique and ever-growing teamwork on their adventure.
  • IN THE BOX: Unleash a world of imagination with 6 audiobook cards with over 13 hours of listening. Perfect for any Disney and Pixar fan age: 5-12 years old. Yoto Player interactive audio speaker sold separately
  • YOTO PLAYER: Yoto gives access to the best content for children with over 300 titles across categories including stories, music, activities, podcasts & radio.